Black Lace


Recently, Spiced Runway and I collaborated to create some holiday inspired South Asian looks. This is just part 1 of our collaboration.  I have been a fan of Spiced Runway forever so I was super excited to create some amazingness with her. Check out her blog and get inspired (  It was really cool to bring in both our ideas to create magic. This look is truly representative of both our styles. I love this voluminous saree look and it is a super easy look any of you ladies can pull off instantly -- think wedding receptions and upcoming formals! This look is really easy to pull off!

1. All you need is a blouse, a light saree (transparent sarees work wonders) and a poufy lengha skirt. 

2. Put on your lehnga skirt and your blouse first.

3. Drape your saree as you normally would but instead of placing all your pleats in the front, space out smaller pleats all around your waist.

4. Ta-da! You have best of both worlds -- the volume of a lehnga and the svelteness of a saree.

I absolutely love how all the different patterns and textures came together for this look. Who said you can't mix lace and sequins! Done well, it can be so classy and elegant! Just perfect for the holidays!


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