So Soft


This is definitely one of my favourite photoshoots to date. This was actually one of the first shoots I did when I started my blog. I was introduced to the amazing and talented photographer, Dilani Bala (check out her website for more amazingness:  These pictures are just a glimpse of the magic that was created when we got together. I will be posting more pictures soon so stay tuned. I can’t get over how simple yet striking these pictures are. I have had my eye on my mom's banarasi saree for years. The satiny material, the bold colour and the vibrant gold details make up this masterpiece. Banarasi sarees are so classic and so timeless. I will definitely be stealing this one for my own saree collection. I wanted the saree to be the focal point of this shoot so I dimmed the whole look down with a plain, black top. I had fun with the saree draping - a little bit of sass and class is always the way to go!  A simple rose was used to complete this vintage look. So soft. So timeless. So classic.


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